Asus 790 GX or 980a SLI

Hi everyone out here on Tom's. I am going to purchase AMD Phenom II x4 955BE and m stuck in choosing best motherboard, besides I m newbie to AMD. As I have Dual GeForce GTX 260 should i go for ASUS 790 GX (M4A78T-E) or get a ASUS 980a SLI(M4N82 Deluxe). Does 980a SLI has good support for DDR3 and Phenom II x4 955 like 790 GX has? In your opinion what would be the best choice for SLI Nvidia cards other than this two Mobo's?
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  1. No choice here, you'll have to do an nvidia board for sli. the 790gx will only support crossfire x, which is 2 ati cards. The two technologies are competitors, and are not compatible with one another.

    The only boards I know of that can do crossfire and/or sli would be the intel x58 series motherboards.
    ASUS has a good reputation, except for if anything goes wrong, they have absolutely horrible customer service. But go ahead and get an nvidia based sli board.
  2. Does 980a support DDR3 at full Speed?
  3. I'm not finding any 980a boards with DDR3 support, Although the 980a is really a 780a with DDR3 and Phenom II support. I'm also only finding Asus boards.
  4. theres only one board out now that supports ddr3 and sli and msi has it, but usually amd chips work better with amd chipsets
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