Could M2N78-LA motherboard can install pny-9800gtx+?

i mean is this motherboard look too small for pny-9800GTX+? because that video card to long... could this motherboard can install it

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  1. Motherboard isn't the issue. How much room in the case?
  2. the chassis width is 43cm...
  3. Yes.
  4. Sorry. I checked the PNY site and Newegg and they don't list the length of the card. Hopefuly someone who owns this card can measure it and let you know.
  5. Just looked at the case you are looking at and it looks like the card will run into the drive cage.
  6. the card maybe 22-26cm. i want to know is the Heat sink will block tha card?
  7. The heatsink can't be any higher than height of the pci-e slot
  8. Really? my old computer the motherboard heatsink is very high...
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