Does the ASUS P5N-D have a morthbridge temp sensor?

Judging by the temperature readouts im getting in speedfan and everest, the asus p5n-d does not have a northbridge temperature sensor?

I get some temperature sensor from the motherboard, but putting a fan on the northbridge doesnt seem to affect it at all...

This is troubling because, I was troubleshooting a crashing issue earlier (its hot as balls here and i just put a quad core and a gtx 260 in my rig)
Turns out it was the northbridge, scalding hot to the touch, yet my one motherboard sensor is telling me 40c.... what gives?

Is asus really retarded enough to put some random temp sensor anywhere but the northbridge?
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  1. Unless you're overclocking or the PC is in a really ,really hot environment or there isn't proper cooling inside the case there should be more than enough cooling by default on a motherboard's northbridge.
    From what I know it's actually kind of normal for th NB or the SB to be hot, even something like 60-70 deg. C is pretty normal I think. I'm not sure that cooling of the NB is causing the stability problems , most likely it's not and the NB is running just fine at that temperature.
    What you could try though is to buy an northbridge cooler ( don't spen more then let's say 10 $ ) and try with that.
    There is no sensor on the NB , it's somewhere on the board , away from the NB. You could get an external one and put that on the NB to get a temperature reading. Digital meters have one sometimes or you can probably get one with an LCD at some electronics shop or something.
    Also check other temperatures of course , the CPU and such. Sometimes RAM causes instability or the power source or the MB but it doens't have to be the NB , it could be the SB , the MOSFETs.
    I guess you could also try downclocking a bit , reducing voltages for the NB and CPU slightly while also reducing the frequency at which they operate ( FSB ) and see if that helps.
  2. thanks for the info, you answered all my questions

    i am 100% sure it was my northbridge that was overheating, i have the xigmatek s1234 blowing air out the top of the case. there is very little airflow getting to the northbridge because of that heatsink. after popping on the (optional fan) that was provided by asus (for watercooled pc's) crashing ceased. been folding@home 24hr straight, with prime95 in the background.

    Since I care about audio levels i am going to invest in a northbridge heatsink, i found this one
    it looks friggan sweet, resembles the xigmatek, if i install this, there should be adequate airflow from the cpu fan to cool the northbridge.
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    P5N-D has both the NB and NF200 chip under the same heatsink. As of today, I don't recall seeing any NB cooler that will fit.

    Do what many have done, remove the Asus thermal paste, use your own, remount the NB/NF200 heatsink. Add the included fan that came with the motherboard on to the NB/NF200 heatsink.

    I've done up to 4.4ghz E8400 just by using AS5 and the included fan.
  4. ahh was not aware there were two chips under there.
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