Please help with my system problems, think its the video card

So here are my system specs:
Gigabyte GA P5-DS-3R motherboard
2GB crucial ballistix ram DDR2-800
intel q6700 cpu
MSI 8800GTX-HD-OC graphics card
Running Windows Vista 32bit.

So problems began a few days ago with my computer screen suddenly going black after having the screen saver on and monitor off, when I tried to wake it up. I could use ctr+alt+del to get the vista options screen and then select the task manager. Then I would see flashes on the screen showing the desktop and I saw a message saying the driver stopped working for the video card, and was restarted, but the system remains unresponsive unless I restart it.

This happened after some prolonged use, and i then decided to update the NVidia drivers to the latest release version. This is when real trouble started. Starting at the Bios scree, the usual text is there, but the screen is dotted with white dots all over. then it goes away through the rest of the bios screen until the windows loading screen when there are blue dots all over. After the loading screen, windows does not continue to the login screen, and there is a black screen displayed with blue dots all over.

Here is the next turn of events. I can get windows to boot into safe mode, and there is no trouble getting into safe mode, no dots of any kind. I don't know how to fix this issue. Is it the graphics card failing??
I have tried removing it and blowing air through all the heatsink to remove dust and it did not help.
Any further help would be greatly apreciated.
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  1. Id be willing to bet its your graphics card failing. Ive seen similar things on a bad card. Easiest way to check would be to borrow, if you can, a different card and test it.
  2. You didn't list the PSU specs. The GPU may not be getting enough power due to a failing PSU. This could also be a RAM issue. Have you run memtest86+ for a few hours to test for RAM errors?
  3. I am going to try and borrow another desktop to troubleshoot my motherboard and graphics card.
    my psu is an OCZ750w
  4. Did you overlap the drivers or did you uninstall old ones properly and then get new ones?
  5. Yep, probably the memory on the VC. Did you have it highly overclocked prior to this?
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