Will the intel DQ965 mobo support intel E5200 processor

hi guys i want to upgrade my processor from pentium D 2.8Ghz 820 to E5200 on my DQ965 mobo

Will the intel DQ965 mobo support intel E5200 processor
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  1. If the link below is your board you shouldn't have any problems dropping that E5200 in there. Just to be safe update to a current bios before upgrading the CPU.


  2. yes the link u have displayed is my motherboard

    but i used the "Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool" and found this link below


    which show all the processors which are compatable with this board but i could not find the E5200
  3. I would go with one of the CPU's on the compatibility chart. The E5200 may still work but will be unsupported.
  4. well do u think a bios update for the motherboard would fix the problem??

    and would enable it to support the E5200
  5. Unless that compatibility chart is out of date you would gambling, taking a chance.
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