How much Full hd video will fit on a 32GB SDHC card?

How much Full hd video will fit on a 32GB SDHC card?

I jus got a new camcorder (Panasonic HDC-SD600) and i am trying to decide what size memory card to buy. How long can I record at full HD 1080p on 32Gb card?

Please Help.
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  1. I stole this from someplace I found googling this question. It depends on the format and bitrate.
    HDV file sizes are the same as regular DV file sizes, so 1080i would be 12-13 GB an hour, and 720p would be around 12-13 GB for 90 minutes.

    Its possible the camcorder is not running at regular DV. Probably best to record 2 or 3 different 5 minute segments and look at the file sizes.
  2. My Phone came pre-loaded with Avatar on a 2GB SD Card.

    Great Quality on the phone, and "5.1 surround sound" thru the headphones.

    Takes up 1.40GB.

    I bought a 16GB Micro SD card at Microcenter (Microcenter's brand), and was able to copy the movie to it. Same quality as the original.

    But this is on a phone, not on a camcorder, sorry.
  3. Yeah bear in mind a phones resolution of image is much lower then what the camcorder will be out putting so we cannot really say from that, a standered phone has a resolution of about 640 X 480 which is less then half the total image quality of HD. Defiantley google is your friend on this one do what dnd recommends that seems most logical.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
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