Batch file help

trying to make a batch file to do the following:

Run avg scan (done)
Run s+d scan (will do later)
Shutdown - installing any available updates.

I have the avg part but am stuck on the windows update part.

The computers i am working with are all independant workstations and all have around 256mb of ram. This is why i want the batch file so on a fri afternoon i can just run it and leave it to do its thing before monday.

How can i do this with the least additional installs as possible. The systems are already slow so i want to try avoid installing more software to do this (wuinstall keeps coming up in google searches but surely there must be a way in windows xp?)

Even if i have to leave auto update on and choose just to download but not install i dont mind just want to automate the install part.

Thanks for any help.

Script so far incase anyone wants to know is just

#Windows update
C:\> wuauclt /a /DetectNow [this runs but doesnt do anything]

#avg update

#avg scan
cd "Program Files\AVG\AVG10"
avgscanx.exe /comp /ext=* /reg /boot /proc /macrow /pup /arc /ads /trash /report="c:\AVGREPORT.txt"
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  1. Why do you want to run a script to install Windows updates when the built-in windows update feature will do that for you?

    Tell whoever ownes those machines to get at least a gig of RAM in the, they are wasting 100 times more money paying people to wait while the PC works than they would getting them upgraded once.
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