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Hola All,

I finally got all the parts for the PC I am building. I have upgraded systems before but this is my first actual build. I have some questions on the jumpers which I would like to pose. First of all, the cables on the Mobo have colored and white cables. My assumption is that the white cables are negative and the colored cables are positive, right? There are some single connections where I have to be careful to attach the + and the - cable. As an example the Power LED indicator.

Speaking of the Power LED indicator - See picture below which I took from the manual. My comments are in red text.

Do I have the pins labeled correctly? The colored Power LED would connect to Pin 1 (top) and the white Power LED would connect to Pin 2 (middle) and the Pin 3 (bottom) would remain open?

Similar question here. This is a 4 pronged connection so would the end with white wire connect to the "speak -" and the end with the colored wire to "speak +"?

Thanks and wish me luck.
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  1. It's positive, ground, ground to accept a 2-pin or a 3-pin power LED connector. if you connect the LED backwards, it won't work, but no damage can occur. Normally the colored wire is positive and the white wire is ground.

    You won't notice a difference having the speaker connected right or wrong. It will still beep. The colored wire is positive.
  2. Oops - The speaker has a red and black wire. Which one is + ? Thx
  3. bpatters55 said:
    Oops - The speaker has a red and black wire. Which one is + ? Thx

    The red is positive, but it really doesn't matter.
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