HDMI graphics card caused sound drivers to not work right

I recently purchased a ATI radeon 4840 HD graphics card. i am running the screen on the HDMI port and i get sound through my tv, but all the old jacks in the computer no longer owrk... i cant connect any mics or additional speakers. i made sure to update the graphics card and try rweinstallling the drivers for the jacks on my computer. but it seems the graphics card is keeping the jacks from working. the drivers are installed and there. but when i go under sound options it only shows the hdmi sound and says no audio recording devices are installed.... any way to make them owrk again??
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  1. It's a honest mistkae :) When HDMI sound is enabled other output ports from soundcard aredisabled.

    If you want to use other speakers you have to rewire them through the TV's output ports.

  2. what about a mic? the input jack for that isnt working either
  3. wtdz90 said:
    what about a mic? the input jack for that isnt working either

    Hmm, mic should be working... Go into control panel sound devices, and you can select there Mic and configure the properties for the mic.
    I am not sure, but is working on my side. I'll try it out again when I get home later tonight....
  4. HDCP disables analog ports. you can blame cablelabs and the national association of broadcasters for the issue.
  5. Check in Device Manager, ATI cards install their own sound system drivers which can block other sound cards from working. Locate the ATI sound device and disable it.
  6. I installed a graphic card with an hdmi output and it knock out my in board sound device.

    I needed to go into the bios and change the setting to enable the inboard sound device.

    PC speakers are now working but have not been able to check if I still have sound output from the hdmi port on the card
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