How to add a secondary SATA drive to IDE drive

i know there's alot of stuff around about ide/sata but this is specific to the adapter and my pc, so i hope no ones annoyed seeing this :)

i'm looking to build my own pc soon but haven't saved up enough yet and this is something i need immediately.

a few years back i bought my secondary HD, 250 gigs, just filled it up, so not thinking i went and bought a new one: western digital caviar black 1TB, and of course it's SATA as pretty much all things are now.
My PC is a Dell from like 2001 so it has no SATA slots, so i've been looking around at options and came across a simple adapter. i just want to make sure this will work, i've found a couple, can you recommend one that's right for my situation(although i assume they're all pretty much the same)?


of course if you have another recommendation i'll take it, these were just some i found

is this exactly what i'm looking for? will it work for my situation
i just want to take out my old secondary IDE HD and put in this SATA HD as my new secondary, with my original IDE HD that came with the Dell as the master. thanks a bunch!

p.s. i'm actually trying to replace my CD burner with a DVD burner too, which is also SATA. could i get two of these adapters and be all set for the HD and DVD burner? i think i have 2 or three unused power plugs in there so i shouldn't have any trouble right?

if i'm leaving out any necessary info just let me know

thanks for any help at all!
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  1. Hi Colin,

    Using a SATA to IDE converter is a good temporary solution until you can put your own computer together.
    You have to be careful in your purchase so that you get the correct Sata Drive to IDE cable. For example the second item, the Vantec you listed from NewEgg is the other way around. It connects an IDE HDD to a Sata cable and MB. The third choice runs at Sata 1 speed so that's not optimal

    The last choice looks good, it's a small converter board that plugs into the back of a Sata HDD or DVD drive, and has a regular 40 pin IDE connector and molex 4 pin power connector. The IDE cable from this converter board would plug into your Dell computer IDE motherboard.

    I don't know for sure, but assume it would show up as an IDE HDD in the BIOS, and you could buy a Sata DVD to use this way also until you get your new MB with lots of Sata ports. Would run at IDE speeds, not Sata speed, but that's not a major consideration for now.

    SS-ITS SATA Hard Drive to IDE Port Adapter $ 17.99

    So my choice would be the "final" listing. And at $18 you can't go wrong.
  2. thank you for your reply! i hadn't even noticed about the second option being the reverse situation, glad i asked haha.

    so i should be perfectly fine to get two adapters and setup my dvd optical drive right? i assume so..

    again thank you for your response, i'm ordering now!
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