Is this a good budget build? ($400 or less)

Recently I posted a thread about a $700 system. Well my budget got reduced a lot. Now I'm trying to build a system mostly for the experience (it's my first build). I do also want a computer that is a good multitasker and is fast enough. I'm also looking for something that will be more upgradeable than my dell. Obviously at that price I'm not looking to game on it. Mostly just running a ton of web tabs, AIM, itunes, antivirus, and whatever other random program I feel like running at the time. I'll probably give the CPU a mild overclock, but at this price I realize I won't be able to get a board that will let me get that big of a overclock.

I've put together a list of components that I'm looking at right now. I'm worried that the PSU might now be enough to power this and leave room for expansion.Any other help would be appreciated.

CPU: PDC E5200
Motherboard:GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L
RAM: Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB
GPU: SAPPHIRE 100253L Radeon HD 4650
HDD: Western Digital Caviar SE16
Case: Rosewill R115-P BK
ODD: LITE-ON 22X DVD Burner Black SATA

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  1. Just putting it out there -

    you could save a little money ($17 or so) and get a faster processor through AMD

    $63.50 gets you a 2.7GHz Processor with a 512kb x2 L2 Cache and a 2mb L3 Cache.

    With a Gigabyte GA-M61PME-SP2 mATX motherboard
  2. That board only has 2 sata ports on it, so I wouldn't be able to upgrade it much in the future. Getting a board with more sata ports would negate any price difference. Also the 7750 has very little overclocking room.

    Everything else look good? I'll probably buy the PSU and case tomorrow because that's the last day for some promo codes on them. Any objections to this build?
  3. I'd spend a little bit more on the video card to allow for some gaming ability
  4. yoyojam55 said:
    That board only has 2 sata ports on it, so I wouldn't be able to upgrade it much in the future. Also the 7750 has very little overclocking room.

    True about the sata, didn't think of that.

    I wouldn't say that about the 7750 though.
    Only reason I say this is because my friend has the processor OC'd to 3.33GHz on air. Not the stock cooler, but still.

    It's not super oc'ing but the cache helps the price.

    What about this MB then? 6 SATA Ports.
  5. OK so I switched to the 7750 with the MB with the 6 SATA ports.

    Hows this card?
  6. its about on par with the 4650
  7. It should be good.

    But, if you decide "Hey, I found this game it looks really cool" and if you happen to find an extra $25 laying around, you could get this.

    It's not really high end but it plays most new games nicely.

    Otherwise stick with that card it should perform well.
  8. Another option is to keep your original build, and add a SATA card. You could put opticals on it and not lose any performance.
  9. Is that 400W Corsair enough to power the system with room to grow?

    And how is this case? (I won't be using the PSU that comes with it). 40 bucks with free shipping seems like a great deal.

    Also is this hard drive good? 640 GB for 65 is hard to pass up.
  10. If you want to run a better GPU like the GTX 260 or 4870, then you should go with something like this, otherwise the 400cx is enough:
  11. xthekidx said:
    If you want to run a better GPU like the GTX 260 or 4870, then you should go with something like this, otherwise the 400cx is enough:

    How about the case and the hard drive, are they ok?
  12. That HDD is very good.

    Case is ehh ok. I would go for something like this, but that one would be fine for your current system. If you wanted to be able to get better components later like a gaming GPU, then this is better:
  13. Final check, is this good?

    I probably wont be ordering everything right now, just the stuff that have promo codes that are going to expire soon (PSU and HDD).
  14. Its ok for your budget...I would want to wait a bit though until you can save a little more money for the MB, that one is as basic and cheap as they get what you pay for. You don't need the sata cable, the mobo comes with 2.

    Just be aware that rebates take a while to 10 weeks sometimes so it won't feel like you are getting that ram for $28, it will feel like $54. Something like this might be better for you if you are short on cash and can't wait for the rebate:
  15. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be on the lookout for deals and buy parts and I see a good deal. So I'm not worrying about overspending about a part, I'll probably ask here before buying anything anyway. Thats why I'm buying the PSU and HDD now, I have a good deal on them.
  16. this set up is something i would be interested in would this compare to a 4 or 5 hundred $ dell or hp out of the box. as far as lots of multitasking like stated above??
  17. I've been thinking of switching out for this motherboard and an E7400 and using integrated graphics.
    Would those graphics be able to handle the Windows 7 and Ubuntu eye candy, as well as very mild gaming (mostly quake live)?

    Would the board/PSU (400cx) be able to handle a mild overclock (3.2 - 3.4 ish)? How far could I get on the stock cooler? If I later decided to get an aftermarket cooler, could I take off the stock one to replace it? Would I have to take out the motherboard to do that? Also what is a decent cheap aftermarket cooler?
  18. Integrated graphics would be a lot worse than a dedicated card. For light gaming, a low end card would be better. Increasing your budget a bit would help considerably. You could always upgrade to a dedicated card later, and use the integrated until then. It is much easier to upgrade the graphics card than a cpu.
  19. I realize that integrated won't be able to do much gaming. My main concern is weather or not it will be able to handle Aero and such.

    How about the overclocking questions I had a few posts back?
  20. For $20 more I can get a Phenom II X3 710 and a mother board with much better integrated graphics (Nvidia 8200 vs Intel 3100). Which processor is generally faster, the E7400 or the PII X3 710? Is this build pretty good now?

    EDIT: I'm about to buy that RAM unless anybody has any objections to it.
    EDIT2: RAM purchased. I just realized that that cooler master case no longer has free shipping on it, instead it's $15. Is there another case you would recommend that is cheaper?
  21. All I have left to buy is a CPU, motherboard, case, and DVD drive. Here are my choices right now.
    DVD drive:

    with that same case and DVD drive for about 15 bucks more.

    Intel or AMD for this situation? In either build I would go for a mild overclock on stock cooling, then later upgrade the cooler and possible get a graphics card.
  22. Instead of that HDMI mobo/graphics/cpu combo @ $189, you would be much better off with the e5200 and the board/video listed below. The total with these changes would be ~$170 after the rebates. That e5200 OC's like a charm. The MSI video card will play some games. Good choice for a cheap case.

    Gigabyte G31- $53
    MSI 9600GT - $60
  23. Alright, I'm about ready to go for this. E5200, Asus P5Q SE/R, 4650, Cooler Master Elite, and Lite-on DVD drive. Sound good?
  24. Bump, still looking for any last minute opinions on those parts. Will I be able to get any kind of an overclock on the stock HSF? What's a good cheap HSF to get later for around $40?
  25. Here's a good cooler that has a rebate right now.

    They are pretty good parts. The video card isn't going to be able to play most games on high settings, but it's adequate.

    You should be able to OC that cpu ~3Ghz on a stock fan.
  26. Buying tonight! Found this combo and thought it was a good deal.

    What are your guys' thoughts?
  27. that card is really nice, put one in my nephews gaming pc and he absolutely loves it
    he can play all the games he wants at med to high on a 20" lcd 1280x1024
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