Quiet Case under $100 with decent airflow

I'm starting my build and am having trouble finding hardly anything on Tom's about cases other than a couple of articles with very little details. Anyway, I am looking for a good case for $100 or less with:
1) good airflow - probably will be doing some minor overclocking, but nothing extreme
2) plenty of space for 2 video cards - eventually will probably run SLI
3) remains decently quiet - be nice if there was some method for keeping the HDs quiet

I am NOT looking for cases with tons of lights, LEDS, or even a side window. Currently I am looking at the Antec 300, but I am looking for other suggestions. Any ideas? Are any of the Cooler Masters really good? Lots of good reviews on NewEgg, but was hoping for some thoughts from the forum. Thanks!
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  1. Fry's has both the antec 300 ($39.99) and sonata ($79.99) on sale (today is the last day). Unfortunately, these are in store only specials.
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