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hi there, i have a q9300 core 2 quad which is not OVERCLOCKED and i use the intels stock cooler, the problem that i have is that when i enter the bios to check cpu temps it says 38 degress, but when i use a software called speed fan i get these reading for cpu temps:

core 1: 52
core 2 :53
Core 3: 53
Core 4: 54
so which temperature reading should i believe, the bios or the software? and should i be worried about these readings?
plz rply thanx
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  1. Well, usually when you're in the BIOS, your CPU isn't running at full clock and not really doing any calculating. So you should see lower temperatures in BIOS.
    Temperature wise, 50c isn't anything to be worried about. If you were hitting 80 idling, that would be a different story. Underload, if you're hitting > 80, that would be bad, 70s is borderline. The software is reading the same sensor as the BIOS is, so both are correct.
  2. If you really want to check your temps try these programs

    Those will show your temperatures for the whole system and components (was in my case) good luck
  3. Believe both and both readings look normal.
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