Good i5-760 cpu cooler for ~$20?

Can you get a good cpu cooler for an i5 760 for $20 or less? The coolermaster hyper 212 looks pretty good but with shiping off newegg it's closer to $40.

My goal is to modestly overclock an i5 760. Somewhere between 3.5 and 3.8ghz is my target. I have no idea what sort of cooling solution I'll need.

Other hardware, I'm using a ASUS P7P55 mobo, 4gigs of ram (2x2gb) and a gtx 460 card in an antec 300 illusion case.

I was wondering if these coolers would suit my needs
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  1. The first cooler that you posted is no better than the stock cooler.

    The second and third cooler that you posted are suited for dual core CPU's, if you want a decent cooler for your 760 you will need to spend a bit more than 20.00$.

    38.00$ shipped for the 212+ is still a great buy since it is among the best air coolers for the price.

    The Scythe SCMG-2100 is also a great cooler for the price =)
  2. remember yer gonna get what u pay for and thats one component that i never have skimp out on. especially if yer talkin about OC'in u dont want to hurt that expensive CPU
  3. Since you seem to be able to buy stuff from Microcenter (assuming you live close by) you should probably spend ~$25 (with taxes,etc) on the Hyper 212+.
  4. yea I was a newb and didn't notice the hyper 212 is at microcenter for $23. Thanks
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