Cannot rename HDDs

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Initially I have got 2 IDE hdds segate (each one 40 GB ) D and G and one

Each IDE hdd has one partition (NTFS)

I named D hdd as : DATA and I named G hdd as : BACKUP

And I have got one SATA hdd (500 GB) that was dived into two partitions C (Active and its OS windows 7) and H,,,,they are NTFS

I named C partition as : OS ,,,,and I named H partition as : STORAGE

Everything was fine till recently I installed a new SATA hdd western digital ( 1 TB ) which came under drive letter E and I named as : DOCUMENT

Now surprisingly names for G and H (BACKUP, STORAGE) disappeared.

When I try to right click on each G (hdd) and H (partition on SATA 500 GB) and choose the option rename ,,,,nothing happen ,,,,means I cannot rename them to whatever they were before

While I can rename partition C and hdd D

And I can rename SATA hdd ( 1 TB ) as well,,,,,,I named it : DOCUMENT

Why this happens ?

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  1. I tried to use diskmgmt.msc tool and when I renamed hdd to whatever I liked it would change but when I go to My Computer ,,it does not show me the changes!!!!
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