Is the 785G a good upgrade over my 690G?

Here are my specs:

AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 @1GHZ @ 0.8V
Sycthe Ninja Mini
Sapphire PE-AM2RS690MH Motherboard
Corsair 8GB 800Mhz RAM
Integrated Ati X1250 @ 200mhz
1x Western Digital WD1600AAJS 160GB Hard Drive
1x Seagate 750GB Hard Drive
LG DVD+-RW DL lightscribe DVD drive
Antec Earthwatts EA-380 380W PSU
Samsung SnycMaster 216BW monitor
Windows Vista (academic) 64 bit

I use a 9600GSO during gaming season, anything I could do to upgrade?

I'm thinking of the 785G because my 690G is a tad unstable/screwy and generally old.

Good idea?

I want this to be a silent computer, always. One that can game decently, on 1024x768, low settings.
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  1. I appreciate the fact it appears you are going for a particularly energy-frugal system, but I think your gaming experience would improve noticeably with a faster CPU. The X2 250 or 550BE would be big improvements, and not swill down too much more juice. Your old 690G may not support one of them even with a BIOS flash.
    Speaking of low noise, I just "wasted" $7 getting a PWM fan (bgears/Xilence) for my Ninja Mini, but it's so quiet I'm running it at full speed anyway. I'll probably stick the old one in the front of that case.
  2. no, it doesn't officially support K10.
  3. Well then, it is a worthwhile upgrade if only for the fact that it's necessary to allow you to upgrade your CPU also.
  4. Well, I already have a BE-2400 and I don't have much to spend.
  5. Best answer
    Until you replace the CPU, you won't see much if any difference, but it's still necessary as a prelude to an eventual (hopefully soon!) CPU upgrade.
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