Ssd sata 3?

Is a SATA III SSD really worth and if so i only see Crucial RealSSD for SSD with SATA III.
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  1. It may be worth it if your motherboard actually supports SATA 3.
  2. Intel will be rolling out new drives later this fall. I think they are going to be SATA III. There is a thread in here will a chart, but I can't find it.

    But only if your mobo has SATA III. SATA III drives won't run anyfaster than the mobo port they are plugged into!
  3. yes yes motherboard supports it

    Can use to see if it is worth it. As foscooter said, there should be some new ones out soon. How much better than the C300, well Im hoping.
    I'm looking at it from this standpoint, it should drop the Sata II SSDs price. I would be looking at say a 256 gig Sata II for my laptop vs upgrading my Intel G2 (SATA II). Once I've upgradded my two Laptops to larger capacity SSDs, THEN I'll think about improving the performace on my desktop ( moving to a SATA 6 SSD)
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