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so i bought a swiftech h2o 220 compact about a year ago and its been in the closet since i bought it ( kinda forgot i had it) now i decided to go back to AMD from intel. and i pulled the cooling kit out, to find that the AM2/3 adapter leaks. swiftech does make the apogee drive anymore and they want a receipt in order to do "warrenty", obiously i don't have a receipt after a year, so i was wondering if anyone has a spare AM3/3 adapter that i can buy from. the pump is fine and runs strong and i don't want to back to intel socket 775 in order to use it.
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  1. Check Ebay or even ask Swiftech. They should be able to sell you an adapter for a pretty cheap price.

    Also, if you bought this online (esp. Newegg) you should be able to re-print out a receipt.
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