Does the Core i7 920 have locked memory multipliers ?!?


I got a little bit confused when reading some reviews about the memory speed of a Core i7 system with a 920-CPU in it. :??:

On this page they state that the 920 (the 940 too) only has memory multipliers of 6x and 8x, allowing a max speed of 1066 mhz when on stock base clock of 133mhz.

However, here is a review of the Gigabyte X58-UD5 board with a 920 mounted on it and if you take a look at the screenshot from the BIOS showing all available memory MP's, you can clearly see you can go well above 8x.

Now, did the Core i7 920 had locked mem mp's in the beginning and did Intel unlock them later, as the review is more recent than the other article? Please clarify.

Thanks a lot
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  1. The memory divider is unlocked.
  2. Thanks.

    I just noticed that there are two versions of the 920. The C0 and the D0. I guess the D0 is the one being sold today (with unlocked Uncore and Memory multipliers), but is it known to be a good overclocker?
  3. The D0 and C0 both overclock well, but the D0 stays much cooler. As to which you get its still possible that you might get a C0 since normally websites don't specify, but if you buy it at a B&M store then you can check before you buy.
  4. Thanks for the info, jsrudd.

    I'll send an email to the store before buying, asking them wheither they offer the C0 or D0. I hope they can tell me.
    Anyway, if they would send me a C0, does that revision have unlocked multipliers for the memory and uncore?
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