Blu Ray Burn Speed Question - Max or Slow?

Hi all,

Just got a Blu Ray burner and I'm enjoying it so far. I have a question, though, about burn speeds.

Way back when I first started with burning CD's and DVD's, trying to burn at a fast speed always resulted in coasters in those days. So I started burning everything at the slowest possible speed to get "quality" burns, which worked great at the time (still does). I just realized after changing drives I've never revisited this, and just accidentally burned a Blu Ray at max speed (fast! heh), which for the moment seems to work great.

So my question is, with the current state of technology, as long as it burns okay and is readable, is it just as good to use a faster speed provided your media/drive supports it? Does data on the media stay intact just as long even with the faster speeds?

Or do you still get a better burn with a slower speed and prefer going slow for stuff you want to keep a long time?

Thanks in advance for any answers!
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  1. I would suggest that you set the speed to auto and let the hardware/software determine the ideal speed.

    As to your 2nd question, once the data is recorder (burned) it's recorded. The life of CDs DVDs is around 5 years. So, for your critical or precious family photos, etc., burn new CDs DVDs periodically. Set the interval according to how precious the data is.

    HDDs have a longer life than DVDs, and the MTBFs are usually stated by the manufacturer. Besides, the HDD will start "clicking" randomly indicating impending failure.
  2. I imagine that what applied to DVDs still holds true for BD-Rs. The burn quality was very dependent on the media (Brand and Batch), more so than the speed, Also Brand of BD-r/RE drive. With speed I normally recorded at 8X (media rated at 16X). I found that the “quality” (fewer PIE errors) was considerably, BUT not always, better. When I was backing-up my DVDs, I would always do a test record then test it using 1) plextools on a Plextor 755 drive, or 2) use Nero CD speed with a Samsung DVD drive (Requires a registry edit to remove “Blocked” entry. Do not know if there is an equivalent program to verify the quality of BD-R disks.

    I would think that the quality would be best when recorded at rated speed of the Media, Not minimum speed and not max speed of the drive. Without having a tool to measure this for BDs, I can only go by what I observed using DVDs. Hopefully BDs are better than DVDs, as they cost a He double l of a lot more – but that’s not a given. Bear in mind that when viewing the Movie there is no difference in 10,000 pie errors vs 20,000 errors, it’s when over time those pie errors become pio errors and the more pie errors the greater the chance that they will become pio errors.

    Very dated:
    More recent:
  3. Great replies - just what I needed to know - thanks so much =)
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