New system up and running, but memory is messed?

I built a new pc.. first time build.. everything is going good so far except this

I don't think my ram is running full speed? I bought these components today.

here are the outcomes.. the board has kinda crappy overclocking options.. and I couldn't even change clock frequencies/mutipliers without moving some jumper on the motherboard and I still have to use some preset overclocks. :/

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  1. When I click on the images to zoom in nothing happens. I can't read anything.
  2. It doesn't let me change cpu frequencies, what a hunk of junk! :( weird... I was reading reviews and I read this though

    "Cons: This board was designed for the more advanced level build, so look elsewhere if you don't have a lot of experience with bios tweaking. For example, you will have to manually set memory timings,bandwidth, and voltage for pc8500 otherwise it will run at spd with default voltage. If you feel comfortable with bios operation then this thing rocks."

    as for the pics try these.

  3. resolved the memory issue.. now running @ 533. :)

    had to set it manually in bios to 533. :/

    edit: how does that cpu overclock look though? seems to run stable.
  4. umm, are those the right pics? They are the same....
  5. yeah the other guy said he couldn't see them so I changed the host
  6. I can see them but they are too small to be able to read the text. When I place a mouse cursor on the image a small window opens that say click to zoom in. When I click nothing happens.

    aford10 - Can you read the info?
  7. Ya, I can click on them and they zoom in. But the cpuz reports are the same in both.
  8. Picture 2 of the second set shows single channel not dual,,what gives???....:)
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