Format hard drive with XP using command prompt

I'm trying to format my hard drive but it wont let me delete the partition.
I get a message stating the partition contains setup files.
I tried to format from command prompt, but I get this message:

"Format cannot be run because this volume is in use by another process.
Format may run if this volume is dismounted first.
Would you like to force a dismount on this volume? <y/n>"

Can i go ahead and dismount? Or will this cause problems?
Any ideas and suggestions are much appreciated.
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  1. Anyone???
  2. Windows will not allow you to format the system disk for obvious reasons. If you really want to reformat it use the Windows install disk.
  3. Trying to format the drive that the system is running from is like trying to pick up a mat you're standing on. You have to get off the mat first, then pick it up. In terms of the computer, you have to stop using the drive before you can format it.

    So pjmelect is absolutely correct - if you shut down the system and boot from the Windows install disk, then you won't be using the drive and you'll be able to format it.
  4. I booted from the CD but it still wouldn't let me. Ended up using killdisk. thank you for the replies.
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