Nvdia SLI Compatibility Issues

:bounce: i hv a SLI i capable mobo. i ws jst wondering if i cud SLI a xfx 8800gt & an Asus 7600gs?? wil they hv compatibility issues?? any ideas guys??

Cheers! :sol:
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  1. It will work but not well, the 88 will slow down to 76's clock speeds. If I were you I'd get another 88.
  2. No, no you can not.
    You can only SLI two identical cards together.
    An 8800GT and a 7600GS CAN NOT be SLIed together.
  3. outlw6669 is right, baddd is clueless. You can't SLI cards that are not the same (or in some cases, almost exactly the same)
  4. ah k...thnx guys...hey i kno its outta d topic...but wats d amount of power required to run an XFX 8800gt (670Mhz core)?? i hv a 450W supply. i hv an intel 2.6 (LGA 775) which is OC'd to 3.2Ghz. Wen i play games such as Assassin's creed, spiderman Web of shadows etc...thr seems 2 be a lotta lags n low frame rates...n d 3Dmark bench score is less than 5000.

    my CPU test results are around 800 o sumthin. i'm wondering is it cuz of d power supply??...or is it jst my processor??? pls help me out here...i need sum xpert advice!!!

    cheers ppl!! :)
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