Trouble booting to usb on Intel DX58SO board

I have a new Intel DX58SO motherboard with an I7 965 extreme processor. The board doesn't support floppy drives and has no IDE connections. I don't have a SATA CD Rom drive so I'm trying to boot it off of a USB stick. I made the stick DOS bootable and it works fine on my laptop, but on this computer, it won't boot up. Not will it boot from an external CD/DVD Drive (USB). I've tried every setting in the BIOS to get it to go but it doesn't work. I see it look at the USB stick but it just won't boot from it. I managed to take a hard drive with XP already installed and booted up into windows and updated my BIOS that way to the latest BIOS version and still, no luck in booting to a USB device.

Has anyone else seen or heard of this problem? I want to install Windows 7 but if I can't boot to a CD, or at least a USB stick, I won't be able to install it. BTW, I consider myself a very experienced user with over 15 years experience. I've never bought a pre-built computer. I always build my own and install everything myself but this one is getting the best of me. I suppose if it comes down to it, I can go buy an internal SATA DVD drive, but I still need to be able to boot from USB so I can flash my other equipment. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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  1. I have three sticks in the 3 black slots allotted. The fourth slot is blue and for backward compatibility with some older memory. I'm wondering if I get a USB Floppy if it will work or not?
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