Can RAID wipe a drive or two?

I was rebuilding my storage server and I made an error. I do not run RAID, first off. When I hooked the drives into the PCI card and turned on the PC, I believe I made a big mistake. I have 4 drives in this machine, with one being my boot drive. The c and d drives are still OK, but the system does not recognize the other two, even though they are listed as hardware.
I was supposed to hook up the card and download the drivers, then hook up the drives. The drivers auto installed before I realized what I did.

Is my data gone? If not, can I recover it?

This is years and years of files, plus my whole music collection in FLAC. It's over 800tb.
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  1. I recovered two 500GB WD HDDs last week using to TestDisk to find the folders and files, rebuild the partition tables and rebuild the MBR. The instructions and an example are on the webpage.
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