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So, i was reading up on these forums about the kind of systems you suggest for people to play WoW with...

you are always like "oh, yeah, a 9500GT and 2gb of ram on any system will do"

well, after playing wow on my machine for a very long time and knowing that these statements are vastly incorrect, i decided to do some searching and i found this:

now, that was in the beta for the latest expansion pack, and they didn't have all the new features or anywhere NEAR the amount of people filling the scenes, so, performance has actually DROPPED there are 3 benchmarks 9or graphs of results there and i think they show it pretty clearly that you can't just run wow maxed on any crap computer
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  1. Yeah, thats why you'll see alot of people coming in here now that have had the 9400 or 8800 looking for something new due to dropping in fps but, that doesnt always have to do with graphics. Theres area's in the game where it can be a bandwidth grabber(to many people in one zone) so people get mad and think its there computer but, it's the connections.

    If your graphics card chops in most games you play. then look at getting a new graphics card. If it does it in a couple games where it's over populated(such as WoW) then well, just kind of have to get over it unless you are still wanting to upgrade due to the computer being an oldie.
  2. ^+1 to Fullmetal.
  3. I had the same problem and yes I agree with Fullmetall. I would get 50-70fps with my 8800 and thats on epic flyer.

    Now that exp dropped It goes as low as 5fps in some areas. lol.
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