Ok, so before i get into this, two things...

1: If this has already been asked once then i apologize for the double, though i didn't see one prior

2: I am in no way defending or advocating Rosewill, it's just a general inquiry.

So, I have been reading through the various builds and questions done through Toms and I have noticed that no one seems to like Rosewill. I'm a little confused by this because they aren't or at least don't seem to be cheapo in any way. They seem as reasonably priced as Ultra or Corsair (at least the mid to high end stuff). When looking at Rosewill's on Newegg they tend to have a decent customer review as well.

Also, more importantly i suppose, i own a Rosewill PSU and have for over 2 years now and never had a lick of trouble with it. It does not run warm, it does not run loud, it powers all my stuff just fine, and it was reasonably priced.

So, am i a lucky guy by getting one of the few decent ones they produce or ....?

AMD 5600+ Windsor
Nvidia MSI 9600gt
2x WD 320gig HDD (green i think)
2x LG DVD R/W's
Asus M2N-E
4 gig Geil copper series
(this is excessive i know but they do take power so i am listing it) some cheesey 20 dollar case that i shuved 3x 120mm fans, and 4x 80mm fans (no LED's)

oh and, Rosewill 550watt PSU

also bear in mind when i say things like resonably priced, etc, this machine was built a while ago.
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  1. They are quickly becoming a jack of all trades yet, master of none. I know they have thier hands in PSUs, DDR, GPU's and other add-in peripherals. Most of it is probably being built by someone else and re-branded under the Rosewil name although I'm just speculating with no links to post for research. My impression is they have always marketed to a budget builder. Just my opinion.
  2. Thanks for posting guys... i wasn't sure if there was anything definitive that makes people hate them, oh well.

    Guess we will have to mark it up as a "hit or miss" kind of company then.
  3. Rosewill: sketchy quality control, light 12 volt rails in comparison to the size of the PSU, inadequately designed protection circuits, cheap components.

    Like other inexpensive power supplies, they are tested to provide to provide their rated power at 25 C. instead of a more reasonalbe 40 C. or a more difficult 50 C.

    When they do work, they are perfectly adequate in a low spec system.

    I happen to prefer Corsairs and Antecs (well, some of them). But then, I am not on a tight budget. :)
  4. idk, i have had 2 of their PSU's and they work fin, the one in my server is still running 3+ years later
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