Antec Skeleton and Xigmatek 1283

I'm building a new computer(specs below) and need to know if a xigmatek HDT 1283 would fit in an Antec Skeleton case. Let me make this more clear: I do NOT want to switch cases. If it WON'T fit, then I would appreciate suggestions for a different CPU cooler. I do NOT want criticisms(creative or otherwise) on my specs.

790i MoBo
4GB of Gskill ddr3 ram
Antec Skeleton Case
Xigmatec HDT 1283(?)
800W PSU
Sony SATA Optical Disk Drive
Seagate 500GB HDD
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  1. Will not fit.
    One NewEgg reviewer couldnt fit a smaller Zalman 9500. Another one managed the Z9500 somehow.
    It looks like a 92mm HSF is about the tallest that will fit.
  2. has lists ranking CPU coolers. These lists include low-profile ones. A Ninja-mini or Shuriken would probably fit and do well for you.
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