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Hello All

I have a Supermicro X8SAX for which I need to select a cpu and Would like a 965 but it is just out of my price.
So it is going to be either a 940 or 950 my question is it possible to overclock using this motherboard.
Is there anyone here that has done this already? BTW I have also a Noctus u12p heatsink which I plan on using
Another thing I have never overclocked before, to quote yoda "training I lack"
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  1. yes you can over-clk,
    if ya willing to buy the MB then why not the CPU to support,
    also these heatsinks work fine for this MB, use the backbrace for these are heavy

    Enzotech Extreme-X Rev.A

    Nexus Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler XiR-3500
  2. Because the cpu cost double to price of the motherboard and I have already have a Noctua u12p
    heatsink, I am looking at buying a i7 960 but not many on eBay at present and they want full retail.
    So I wait. BTW when I bought the motherboard, it seems like a good idea, it has a couple of pci-x
    little did I know they would stop making pci-x sas HDHA.
  3. You can get the CPUs for half of the price when you buy them used, e. g. on ebay.
    You can have luck and get a "premium" board/cpu combination so that the i7 cpu runs with a QPI at 6.4 GT/s on that board, but the chance is only around 50 %.
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