Advice on how to upgrade my ATI card

Can anyone help me unravel the baffling mystery of ATI and NVIDIA cards and just tell me what I can do? I'd like to do a next step upgrade my current video card.

I have:

Dell Inspiron 530
300 Watt DC Power Supply
Backup battery: 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell
Intel Core 2 Duo E700 @ 2.53ghz
4.00 Gig RAM
64-Bit Windows Vista
ATI Radeon HD 3600 PCI Express 2.0

I use this machine 100% for gaming, so I am looking to improve video game performance. I do not need a maxed out elite system - just advice on what the next small, under $100 upgrade might be.

Also, will I need more than a 300W power supply to run a better card?

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. A HD4670 would run in that system without needing a PSU upgrade. What do you mean by a 3600 ? 3650 maybe ? Also whats your screen size resolution ?

  2. Thank you for the reply!

    When I look in Device Manager it lists my card as a 3600. I am guessing it is a 3650 but I swear Device Manager just says 3600 - I even cut and pasted it. Weird.

    I run my wide screen monitor at 1650 x 1050. I think it is 21 or 22".

    Also, if I do upgrade to the HD4670, how much better is it? Is there some gind of hoogie flops per second metric? An idea on my FPS increase?

    Thanks again for the patience and help.

  3. Try this it has plenty of benchmarks on it, just select the one that matches your res and see what it can do.

  4. I cannot thank you enough. Heading for NewEgg right now. Its a perfect fit. I was stressed about the power supply issue - thanks for finding me a card that is designed to be light on power use.
  5. Not a problem enjoy your new card.

    Mactronix :)
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