Major rewiring

so i had some fun with my pc this weekend, i bought a couple new power connectors and a extension for my motherboard's connector the one with the shitload of pins not the 4 pin, cut into the green cable on my main power supply and attached a second long green running out to connect to the green cable on my extension. then i ran the extension out the holes on the back of my case and connected the motherboard connector on a second 650 watt power supply to it so that my motherboard would turn on both power supplies at the same time. but rewinding a lil bit i blew up my 580 watt power supply while overclocking my cpu lol luckily it didnt burn up my motherboard. went out and bought a new evga 275 gtx and connected it to my new 650 watt psu so that the only thing on that psu and my main psu is running my cpu and a few other things which shouldnt be anything for the 575 watt inside my case. Also i ripped the cooling fan off my blown up psu and spliced it into one ot the wires from my original case fans. drilled a bit on the bottom of my case, set the case on top of one of the holes in the ground where my ac comes out lol and set the fan to intake.

so heres the question. am i going to set my house on fire? :P i mean did a good job on the wiring, i created a splice connector, a four pin one for my new graphics card everything is clean, well except for the arrangement in my case lol its al messy with wires but nothing too bad. im a avionics troop for the us air force, i fix wiring on jets so the wiring seems solid :P im just new to the pc enthusiast scene so warn me if imposing a fire danger lol
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  1. You're not the first person to power a PC with2 PSU's. I have seen 4 different schemes for turning on both PSU's with the case power switch.

    But I keep asking, "Why?" It's more simple and safer to use a single PSU that it is to risk the safety of people and computer parts.
  2. well simplicity aside i dont see a point in throwing away a perfectly good psu just because your power needs increased a bit due to upgrades, i mean its not like working on circuit cards or something its just power. i dont really recommend for a person who knows nothing about it to try, but if you know a bit personally of if your job requires as in my case to know a substantial amount of wiring then i dont really see a big prob with it lol i was just dramatizing a bit i guess lol i know i did a good job on the wiring ;) reason i even added the question to it was because the link to start a new thread says ask the community so it didnt feel right to not ask anything lol. so this is more of a ramble of what i did with my last couple days, took me a lil longet than i wanted because i had to hunt down a lot of wires on foot ><
  3. update: as if two power supplies werent overkill enough i have a third. i mean it was just sitting around. so now i have 1 psu running my motherboard, hard disk, cd/dvd drives. 1 psu running my processor. and 1 psu running my graphics card
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