Radeon HD 4870 X2 not selling well



"It took a while for Nvidia to shape up and to get the performance crown back from HD 4870 X2, and since they have it now, they are trying to keep it at any cost. ATI will soon launch HD 4890 in performance market segment, but Nvidia will counter with GTX 275 that should be faster of the two. "
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  1. IDK about it being as fast as the 2 but, it will compare pretty descent. Showing a little bit underclocked other than the gtx 280. Its a Dual slot card 1 gpu, hmm.

    Can't wait for the 4890 :) im buying it!
  2. Wow, I'm kinda surprised that the 295 is selling well (or at least better). I think both dual slot cards are a little absurd.
  3. they're overkill for a lot of things, but large monitors are getting cheaper every day so a good graphics array is becoming more worthwhile
  4. Nice set up
  5. if 4890 lands between 4850x2 and 4870x2 I might consider it :D
  6. well the 4890 seems to be behind the NV 275 GTX from what they say, but the ball can fall in either team's court right now.

    And with the drop in price of the 4890 from 300 to 250 in Jaydee's article, looks like we'll see some nice price cuts, and if both cards push over the 280 GTX, expect the 280 GTX to be found for under 250$ for sure:)
  7. Why buy as 280? And why would nVidia name the 275 if its faster than the 280. Ive a feeling nVidia expects the 4890 to be slower than the 280
  8. i think the 275 wont be faster than the 280 at stock, but it'll outperform it with a slight overclock, which will be easy to achieve given that it is 55nm...
  9. Alot of people keep saying to wait n see. If the rumors of a early 5xxx series release are true, either theyre confident in the 4890, as well as the 5xxx series, or theyre pulling an nVidia, and barely bumping a card, but even if we accept this as so, whats it to compete against? Thats where Im coming from. If NOT the 280, what then? ATI knew the 275 was coming?
  10. You put faith to much in a company that is human also, and still in a recession.

    Lets wait and see, neither company is an Angel right now.
  11. At the price it should be comming (around $250 from rumors) the only Competitor I see is the 280GTX. And I am SURE ati know the exact performance of that card to know what they should aim for. So I really doubt that the card will be slower than GTX280, if so the price will have to be lowered and thats not a bad thing for us ;)
  12. Like I said, speculations are thrown all over the place. We all made our predictions and we're only weeks if not days away from preview results:)
    Don't forget that maturity isn't that much of a factor for this card, just like it isn't for the 285 GTX when it came out, since it was a play off another card, just like the 4890 is a play of the 4870, so the drivers prob won't be that different for it to have ineffective drivers.
  13. Ummm, that depends on whether theres been a change in the shaders, like the rumors floating about, or not are true
  14. We'll have to see, this card is going in my secondary for sure but I'm also curious if it runs cool since the case itself has mediocre ventilation.
  15. If you don't need a card I wouldn't spend my money. Windows7 is DX11 comp and the new DX11 cards should be out "relatively" soon........ although it might take 2 years for the game manufacturers to catch up....lol
  16. I always like having 1 from either company, that way I have the best of both worlds, and if it retails at 250$ I can prob score it for 200$ from my friend's shop:)
  17. Theres several DX10.1 games on the horizon. So itll benefit from that, and DX10.1 is a partial step to full DX11
  18. I don't know if its partial I mean its just a minor step up from DX 10.
    PLus all the DX 10.1 games that I've seen out now (hawx fc2 etc), really haven't benefited

    Star Craft 2 baby:) I already got my cousin to preorder terrain:D
  19. what games jaydee
  20. Oh man, Id have to dig. Ill post em if I find my links. A few good ones. Also, Im talking ground up DX10.1, no patching, as we saw in AC, it was patched to take away DX10.1, and it showed nice improvements, and its a ground up game
  21. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_games_with_DirectX_10_support

    Apparently Stormrise is DX 10/10.1 exclusive, that should be interesting.
  22. why do they say farcry2 is DX10.1
  23. because it is. lol

    You didn't know that? So is hawx.
  24. Patched
  25. 4870x2 = more bang for the buck compared the the GTX295...so if people aren't snatching up the 4870x2...that just means there are more for us.
  26. I'm sure its from sources that we don't have.
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