4870 too much for this system? PLease help!

Hi all,

Second post. Tried posting in the Graphics Card forum but no replies..... :ouch:


Foxconn G31MX 2.0 micro ATX MB (PCI express x16 1.1)

Intel core duo E7400 2.80Ghz


320 GB HD

30 GB HD

300w power (will get a more powerful when I get new card)

19 inch LCD monitor

Windows XP home.

Will a 4870 be too much card for my humble system? Will some of the cards potential be lost from my systems specs?

I'd like to watch movies on a 42 inch HDTV (not full HD)and
I'm planning on getting a 27 inch full HD monitor for watching movies and start getting into some games!
And, run dual monitors.

So I think I need a card that has D-Sub, DVI and HDMI outputs. D-Sub to the ol 19incher, DVI to the fresh 27 incher and HDMI to the 42 incher.....

I'd like to get the best card that my system can handle.

PLease help! Thanks in advance!
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    I do not think the 4870 be to much for your system, and it should be a very nice upgrade for you, Just make sure you get a better PSU before you install the 4870, and you should be very happy with your upgrade.
  2. Thanks for the vote, and let us know how your new card performs when you get it all set up. I would go with the 1 GB model or 2 GB if you can afford it over the 512 mb 4870's. Price's have really come down on them and I think a 1GB model can be picked up on the egg for around $149 bucks. Good luck with your upgrade
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