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Hey All,

I recently started folding@home via the smp client on my stock i7 920 comp. I noticed that within 2 minutes or so of folding the temps climbed steadily to 70 Celsius and on. I know the i7s generally run hot but I am trying to keep it somewhat cool by replacing the stock heatsink. I was looking at the xigmatek Dark Knight heatsink(Looking to spend around $40-50). Is this a decent heatsink? Has anyone tried to install this in a CM Storm scout case? I was additionally looking to install a fan on the glass so I can better cool my GPU during gaming. Would the dark knight heatsink's height allow enough room in the case for a fan to be installed on the glass? Also, I have considered water cooling but I don't feel like modding/buying a new case. Any help at all is appreciated! Thanks in advance
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  1. There will be no problem mounting the Xigmatek in that case, however you will not be able to use the top mounting hole on the side panel.

    Personally as one that owns both the Xigmatek and the Cooler Master Hyper 212+, I'd have to recommend the CM212+ over the Xigmatek simply for the rubber fan mounts the Xigmatek uses, and the clamping system.

    IMO the CMH212+ is a much better product, and comes with a second set of fan mounts, for adding an additional 120mm fan for a push/pull airflow setup, the mounting bracket also allows 180 degree heat sink positioning, for either front to rear, or bottom to top airflow.
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  3. Plus you can get xigmatek's white led fan that is on the dark knight for your hyper 212+
  4. Thanks for all the advice, I am seriously considering the hyper 212+ the only question I have is would it still cool the cpu well at OC temps say if I overclock to 3.4 or 3.5, maybe a little higher? Right now I plan on keeping my cpu stock for a while but once I learn more I may OC in the future and i'm looking for a heatsink that can still keep my cpu cool at that ghz if I decide to OC. Thanks again
  5. ^ Overclocking is the reason you buy an after market CPU cooler, right now I'm OCd to 4.0ghz with a load temp of 49c, so I'd venture to say its cooling the CPU well, that is another reason why I recommended it.
  6. The Hyper 212+ a great cooler, it is probably the most recommended cooler.
    It will keep your CPU cool at those frequency's and higher.
    Its a great choice good luck. [:bohleyk:1]
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