Pci sata problem

hi have a old p4 with only 2 sata ports on my board.whitch i use for my dvd writer and a 1tb hard drive.
i got a new 500gb hardrive and had to get a pci sata card.whwn i access my drive on the sata card i noticed my cpu usage gets high and my mouse stutters across the screen.i tried changing drivers but does not help. all my drives are samsung. thanks justin south africa
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  1. let me guess, cheap PCI sata card? and your computer is how old? what processor, ram, OS etc...
  2. Just to clarify: is this PCI or PCI express?

    What O.S.?
  3. I think you should check if there is an IRQ conlict which is typical with PCI add ons, If so assign a new IRQ
  4. Does the old drive support SATA 1.5 and 3.0? Some older drives were only 1.5 and you had to move a jumper on them or set a BIOS option to run in the specific mode for stability.
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