How to OC PNY GTX 480

Hello friends,

i want to ask, how to OC GTX 480 eh??...i wonder....
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    well, since the GTX 480 already produces alot of heat and takes alot of electricity, i wouldn't recommend it, just sayin... the risk/reward may not be worth it...
  2. yeah you're right...thanks....not worth for OC with such high price right??
  3. i am just saying that it is an already very powerful card, but that comes with the price of high voltage/heat at stock speeds. You might be able to tweak it a little higher with rivatuner or something but if you are getting good frames at decent settings then there is probably no reason to OC that card as it is already a VERY capable card.

    What resoltuion do you play games at?
  4. i'm playing at 1600x900 resolution games, as i using a 20 inches acer monitor, yeah i know it is very powerful card but, just curious if i could do a little higher...hehe
  5. at that resolution, there is absolutely no need to OC that GTX 480, but yes, you could overclock it if you wanted to but i wouldn't recommend it unless you are on a higher than 1900 X 1200 or 1920 X 1080 resolution.
  6. oh ok2...thanks a lot bro...that really help, i not, my GTX may already broke down...haha...good then...^_^
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