Best mother board under 250$

ok guys, i'm looking for the best/fastest motherboard out there that is under 250.

it needs to be DDR2 ram(i have 6 gigs)
and a socket 775 for the cpu
compatible with 8800 gt
and under 250$

other than that go wild, anything any company, i don't care.
i have a very large case so

thank you very much. [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2] [:boudy:2]
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  1. I wouldn't spend anywhere near $250 for an LGA 775 board and Nvidia GPU. The motherboard has very little to do with how fast a computer is. This is what I'd get:

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail $119.99 - $15 MIR
  2. thank you for you input.
    any others?

    trying to get more answers will give me a better outcome
  3. I don't see anyone else chiming in yet, so I'll give another suggestion.

    ASUS P5Q Turbo LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail $124.99 - $15 MIR

    Gigabyte and Asus have the best reputation as making the highest quality motherboards. You can't go wrong with either manufacturer.
  4. I'm with shortstuff here. I have had a multilple gigabyte boards and loved everyone of them. I have the EP45-UD3R at work and love it. I think we paid $129 at a local shop for it. I'm running a E7400 @ 3.8ghz stable and its quick! has tons of connections and the raid is pretty user friendly. Much better than the intel boards imo. I've tried a lot of brands and I like ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI, I've had bad experiences with EVGA, FOXCONN (expected), BIOSTAR. Also I'd really suggest not getting a nvidia chipset. stick with intel.
  5. Buy XFX 680i. :hello:
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