Image file on RAID that previously wasn't?

Hi all.

I have created a system image file of my C drive on an external hard drive. My question is………..can I add another hard drive to my PC and then use the image to file to restore everything in RAID? The original image was not in RAID.

Many thanks
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  1. Sure, just add the HDD, and setup the RAID in the BIOS. Then use your backup image to restore onto the new RAID volume.
  2. Ok thanks very much
  3. Will I have to re-activate windows?

    ASUS P6X58D-E Motherboard, Intel i7 920@3.6GHz processor,2 x GTX480 (SLI), Acer 24 Widescreen 3D Monitor Full HD with Nvidia 3D Vision Kit, 2 x 250GB Diamond Maxtor HD with 8MB Cache, 6gb Patriot Viper 1600MHz Ram, Antec 1200 Case, Corsair HC-50 Liquid Cooler, Creative XFi Sound Card, 18X DVD Re-Writer. HD DVD/Blu-Ray combo player, CoolerMaster 1000watt PSU, Windows 7 64bit
  4. No, if you made an image of the existing system, you shouldn't have to. If you have made more hardware changes than the RAID volume, you may have to re-activate. I've had that happen, and I always call the 800 number; while it takes a little longer, but it always works.
  5. Well, many thanks for that post. I read & enjoyed.
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