Overclock 9500gt fan speed

hello i need sum help
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  1. i recently overclocked ma GPU(XFX 9500gt 1gb ddr2)
    so do i need to increase its fan speed(default value 50%)
  2. If it is running too hot (e.g. over 85c) then yes. Considering how weak a 9500GT is, there is a limit to how much performance you'll get out of it. If you're wanting to play [newer] games, a HD5670 or even a HD5570 will give you the improvement you need, for around $100 or $80.
  3. If you can't increase your fan speed with the nVidia control panel you need to download a software that can do it like Rivatuner.
    GPU temperature below 80C is OK. Setting the fan to a constant 100% speed will shorten its life. Try to find the right balance.
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