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Ok, I've read all the reviews and what not on integrated graphics cards. I know that they are not the greates. I recently purchased an HP Pavilion dv7 Laptop with the HD 3200, now it states that it has almost 2gig total memory(1918MB to be exact), the system itself has 4gig of ram capable of 8gig max. Shouldn't this be enough to run most games out there, if not at low settings maybe at mediocre settings?? I guess I should mention that the processor is an AMD Turion X2 64, and my OS is Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
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  1. Have you read a review specifically on the 3200 ?
    Here is one incase

    I recently got a laptop that should have been the same as yours but with a 3470 graphics card. When i found out it had a 3200 i sent it back. Its going to use 2gb at most of your system ram and Vista want 2 to run properly. Any amount of ram wont help a weak intergrated GPU which is what you have there.
    From memory its a bit better than the 4500 series from Intel. Its basically a modified 2400. Its not the end of the world but most newer games will be at low settings if at all.

  2. Well I guess i cant really complain, I got this 799.00 laptop for 599.00! I know it probably wont play crysis, which is no biggie. I would like it however to be able to play COD WaW. The link you sent was broken, i couldnt get to it. Thanks for the reply though. If you could get the link to work thatwould be cool. I would like to read the review.
  3. Well the link works for me, i have made a new one just incase there is an issue, if this dosent work just go to On the right hand side under FAQ and Tips is the link to the GPU comparison charts. I didnt link it on purpose just in case there is still an issue somewhere.

  4. halo 1st sorry my english is poor,hope you can uderstand my speaking..maybe i have problems about my PC have graphic card ATI RADEON HD3200, windows 7, 2GB, processer AMD ATHLON problems is when i play a games "DOTA" it not support..15minutes play suddenly it's out..if problems comes at my component can help me suggest or finds my problems..
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