Cant remember name and password for linksysn router

my friend set up my router (linksys wagsn) and changed the login name and password from admin, admin to i dont know what and he cant remember what he changed it to either. can someone please help me to get into my router. cheers hc
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  1. I'm afraid the only solution is to reset the router using the button provided (usually on the panel along with the network sockets.

    The User Name is usually admin and on most routers cannot be changed. Most likely the Password has been changed. The default is sometimes admin and sometime password. Check the manual for your router once you have pressed reset.

    Be aware that reset will change other settings to defaults, so best bet is probably to contact your friend first and see if he recalls what he changed the password to.
  2. thank you, i didnt even know about the reset at the back. i will try that. :p
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