Will these components work?

Folks: Just wondering if these would be OK for a relatively nice upgrade?
Any advice?

new motherboard with video, cpu, memory




Western Digital 500 HDD Sata, 7200rpm
Antec Case with 350 watt power suppy

runs about $200.

Thanks Jim
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  1. Unfortunately, the links you apparently pasted do not work. You should also mentioned what your current hard disk, power supply, and case are. :)
  2. They will work fine together. Can't advise if it would be a suitable upgrade as don't know what you use the PC for or what your old components are.
  3. I use it in my business for a variety of software programs such as Softplan, Vectorworks, ACT, Sketchup, MS Proj, Abobe CS3, and many other packages. I told the tech guys that build this mach 3 years ago I want a system that an engineer would need..

    CPU- I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ (939socket)
    Mobo- MSI MS-6702E
    Mem= 2 GB

  4. Is there a combination of components that would work even better for about the same price? Thanks Jim
  5. Any of the experts care to chime in here, so I know if these components are the ones to purchase or if I should find something else. Thanks Jim
  6. You might want to aim for a slightly better CPU, try to stretch to a PhenomII X3 720 if your budget allows, if you're on a very tight budget go for something like the Athlon X2 7850 (the extra cache will be useful).

    Having said that, those 2 CPUs do use an extra 50 watts, and your 350W PSU might stuggle.
  7. I did see a later 780G motherboard that says it works with the newer Phenom II (and claimed Athlon II) CPU's in case you desire to upgrade later on.
    Just have a look at it for comparison
    It's a little bit cheaper as well.Also they have some combo deals with some AMD CPU's.The 2.7 Ghz Athlon X2 7750 Kuma was about $5 off with this board and would perform better although it has a higher TDP.
  8. Tighter TDP what's that?

  9. I wish I were able to select several processors and make a table sort of side by side comparison of all the spec's, any way to do that?

  10. The CPU you linked is not much of an upgrade over your current CPU. Maybe look into the new Phenom II X2 550BE. Much better CPU based on the new 45nm process. Pair it up with an inexpensive AM3 capable 790gx motherboard. A little more than that and you can get the X3 720BE which might do better in some of the software you intend to run.

    Biostar T-force 790GX M-ATX Motherboard

    Phenom II X2 550BE

    Phenom II X3 720BE
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