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Recently while leaving my computer on overnight, I would come to my computer and I would find it shut off. No one had been on it so it apparently has been shutting off by itself.

Before my problem began, I got a BSOD and I turned my computer off, just assuming my windows crashed and I just needed to restart it. I have a picture of the BSOD screen even if it helps. This was the last time I have gotten my computer to work.

Now when I turn my computer on, I get complete power to all componants, except I do not get any visual on my monitor. My fans spin, my LEDs in my computer are all on. My video card fan spins for about two or three seconds, sometimes longer sometimes shorter, and I can also hear a clicking noise in my CD rom whenever the fans shut off, as if the computer is restarting. (The LEDs do not shut off.)

I have two video cards that I have tried so I have narrowed down that its not my card. However, I am going to take my computer to a friends house and replace parts until I can confirm this.

Note: My computer was working fine it just randomly stopped working. I dont believe there was a storm or anything. My computer is connected to a power strip.)

Computer Specs:
ECS Black Edition 8200A GeForce
OCZ Gold Edition 1066 RAM (4 Gigs)
Windows Vista Ultimate 32
Card 1: BFG Tech Nvidia 260 GTX 896 MB Card 2: PNY Nvidia 7900 512 MB
AMD Phenom Quad Core 9850 Black Edition
OCZ 600 Watt PSU

I have also done an out of case test using only one stick of ram, and I still do not get a posting. Pictures of the test below.

Any other questions please ask.
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  1. have you tried different sticks of ram and resetting the CMOS
  2. I have reset my CMOS by taking out the battery, but I do not know of any other way to do it on this board.
  3. I have read a lot of threads like this one and it normally turns out that the power supply has failed.
  4. Well I really hope that is not the case because I just bought the power supply. I took my computer to a tech store and requested a diagnosis and I told them my problem and they said it is no doubt my motherboard has fried. But I really would like a second opinion before I buy a new one.
  5. I have tested my parts with friends of mine. I really just need to know if someone believes that my motherboard is fried. I don't feel like purchasing a new one to find out thats not the issue.
  6. I would try the power supply first.
  7. ok so I just got a message back from ECS. I was told the CPU i have runs at a 125W power and the board supports 95W CPUs. Anyone have a clue as to what most likely broke?

    Hopefully not a CPU fry!
  8. Ok I got my computer to turn on. First time in 3 months. I took one of my sticks of ram out and left other one in the first red slot. I go through the BIOS, I get a "Windows did not start properly" I click run windows normally. I get the Windows load screen and i get a blue screen, too fast to read, and it reboots.
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