Windows doesn,t read cpu fine ratio

hey guys

finally i overclockeed my e8400 to 4.07 (453*9) using ep-45 ud3r but when i enable cpu fine ratio it only change to 4.3 (453*9.5) in mb intelligent tweaker but in windows it

reads 4.07(453*9). so how i can make windows read the .5 fine cpu ratio

note that i also disabled c1e &eist but nothing happened


cpu: e8400 core2 duo w/cm hyper 212+
mb: gigabyte ep-45 ud3r
ram:4g kingston hyperx
vga powercolor hd5850pcs+
powersupply:650 w cooler master
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  1. answer plz!
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    The max multiplier for the E8400 is 9x, so trying to get it to 9.5x is a waste of time.
  3. ^ LMAO. Yup. (However, do note that you can go down at 1/2 steps, ie 8.5x)

    E8400 specs:
  4. You wouldn't see much of a difference anyway even if you could get the extra .5 somehow.
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