I7 Build Wont Stop Freezing

Hi, I built my system nearly a month ago now here are the specs;

Asus P6T Deluxe
i7 920
Palit GTX 295
3x2GB G-Skill RAM 1333Mhz (With Red Case thing)
Theramlright 120 HSF
Arctic Sliver 5 Thermal Paste
TP-Link Wireless N Card
1000w Antec True Power Quattro
1x ASUS Sata DVD Burner
1x LG Sata DVD Burner
1x Seagate 250GB ES.2 HDD
1x Seagate 7200.11 Barracuda HDD
1x Western Digital AAKS HDD
Cooler Master HAF case
Windows Vista 64bit Home Premium

So Im pretty sure it was the day after i first built it that it started to freeze all the time, over the last 3 weeks it has varied in how often or under what circumstances it does. Currently Im on my laptop and it just froze again the 4th time in 10 mins. Each time i have the task manager open to see if there is any major stress when it happens but its always at about 1 or 2% ive also tried to look at event logs but it freezes. My BIOS is set pretty much how it came ive turned off the marvel storage controllers and all that as well as the annoying express gate thing. CPU setting ive got the shut down idle cores turned off and then in the AI Tweaker ive got it set to manual but the settings at stock. The ram timings are set to 9-9-9-24 as at auto they are like 8-8-8-19 and the specs on the box say that its not supposed to be that.

Im really not sure what could be wrong ive run memtest86+ with no errors ive reinstalled windows 3 times each time with or without the ASUS utilities ive reinstalled the heatsink. ive got the first rail on the PSU free to try and avoid clipping. ive updated the firmware on those seagate hdds.

PLEASE some one help me, any suggestions that are remotely relevant I will welcome, im at my wits end ive shelled out nearly 4000 AUD on this system and it just wont work!
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  1. First I'd check my tempatures. Both for the GPU and CPU. If you can please post them as well.

    Second I'd start with making sure I have the latest drivers and bios update.

    Third Is any of your hard drives making any weird noises? Could be a failing hard drive.
  2. BIOS just updated today to latest one 1206
    CPU temp is around 40c and GPU 46c when idling
    Im not really sure what you mean by hardrive noises?
  3. Considering what has happened recently with the Seagate 7200.11s it wouldn't be all that surprising that that is the issue. Remove that drive and try just using the older Seagate and see what happens. Or if you have another HD available try that out.
  4. Im not sure thats the problem because Ive been running prime95 for the last 13.5 hrs stabley in safe mode therefore it must be some of the drivers or apps that are used in normal windows right?
  5. I just wanted to let you guys know that I too have an i7 and it was locking up all the time, however mine was mostly related to locking up when using the internet browser but I had occasional lockups when just sitting at the desktop. These problems happened in both 32 and 64 bit vista as I installed both OS trying to figure out this dang problem. Oddly enough what fixed the problem for me was installing Java. I did not have it installed before since windows update doesn't install it anymore and nothing seemed to prompt me to have it installed. But I did some pretty thorough testing and without java I lock up but with java i seem to be rock solid stable. Hopefully this helps everyone else too!

    My pc specs are:

    Vista 64 bit.
    core i7 920
    biostar tpower x58
    6 gb crucial ddr 1066
    2 x 74gb raptors raid 0
    geforce 9800gt
    soundblaster xfi xtreme music edition
  6. I have MB P6T deluxe V2 and my system is randomly freezing or restarting. I have tried another CPU and result was the same. CPU temperature is OK. I have also checked memory qualify list for this MB (my are on the list). I believe it's somehow connected with network activity, as I have tried lot of benchmarks and CPU/memory stress tests and during these tests with no problem. It is mostly freezing in application like outlook, QIP, download accelerator (flashget) etc. Currently I'm using Win Vista 64bit ultimate, but in Win xp 64bit prof. it was the same.
  7. I have a similar rig,
    after a lot of searching i found out its the tplink card...
    in particular when the system has more than one core enabled
    the atheros driver screws up the the smp acpi syncing,
    disable atheros for a while and see how it goes... (airport off...)
    as for the wifi, im still working on it...
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