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I bought a Kingmax 8GB MicroSD a few months ago to complement the memory on my Samsung I8510. The phone was having problems connecting to my computer so I transfer most of my data through a card reader. However, when I plugged in the card reader today, Windows XP told me to format my MicroSD and I got the age old message telling me that "Windows cannot reformat this card"

But the thing is my phone doesn't seem to have any problem with the card. I can access ALL the files on my phone. To be safe I backed up all the data on the card to the phone memory. But since Windows refuses to recognize my phone(different story), all my data is pretty much stuck on it. My phone hasn't given me any indicator that the card is corrupted, however my computer seems to think so.

So has anyone had a similar problem before? Any solution would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Since you have all of your data backed up... try using your phone to format the card and then see id windows can read it.
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    This kind of thing often happens if the card reader's contacts don't make a good connection with the circuit pads on the card. I'd try rebooting and removing and inserting it a couple of times (I advise rebooting because I've found that sometimes Windows "remembers" a device that had problems and won't play nice with it until a reboot).
  3. I tried formatting the card with my phone, the formatting was successful but windows still asks me to format the card every time I try to access it. I tried connecting using several different computers and card readers, some computers were nice enough to tell me to format my card, while others didn't even realize its there.
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