Which motherboard to get?

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking to build a new PC in about a months time (unless anyone thinks I should wait for any reason).

I need some help on which motherboard to choose. I will be getting an Intel i7 CPU and an Nvidia 200 series GTx hard( not sure which one but it will be a high end one). I am going to get at least 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 memory, possibly even 1800 or 2000Mhz. I want the motherboard to have SLi in case i need it but it is not essential but I do need 1 or 2 more PCI-E slots. I want a good, reliable and tidy motherboard. I don't really have a budget limit but that does not mean i am willing to spend £300 odd if I can get a £200 one that will do the same job. I'd like a few options to browse through. Oh and i may possibly overlock things ( haven't decided) but I'd like the motherboard to be reliable there too.

Currently I have a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R motherboard and I really like it and find it reliable.

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  1. sorry for the double post (would not let me edit) but erm i forgot to mention I'd like it to be futureproof as I prefer to spend big but not have to upgrade for a while.
  2. so no one can help me decide eh? is it that hard?
  3. i myself got a regular asus p6t
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