Access gpedit msc by from regedit

haloo you all, plz telllaccess gpedit msc by from regedit as m at college so cant accesss tthe things like plug off network cable or putting out the hard disk. like all jus t by any seeting and tell 1 more qstion how to access the admin. without software. if you know any of 1 ans. plz ans me on onlly reply on my id, not b here on this site........thnks
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums. I won't be sending you an e-mail - you should edit your address out of your post before the Spammers get hold of it.

    There is nothing in gpedit that can stop you taking a cable out and the Registry is a dangerous place for anyone who doesn't know their way around it.

    If you insist on going in there, start with the File menu then Export and note the name of the crucial backup you're about to make. Find H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>Current Version>Group Policy and change whatever you dare to.

    Your system may never be the same again so don't lose sight of that Registry backup.

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