E8400 on P43 Chipset

As I understand, the main difference between the P43 chipset and the P45 chipset is the ability for two PCIe x16 slots. I am trying to build a new home computer for the family and do not need the ability to run two graphics cards at once.

By choosing a P43 motherboard over a P45 motherboard, and putting an e8400 inside it, is the P43 chipset going to limit the e8400's capabilities (in terms of performance and mild overclocking)?

Thankyou, I'm pretty new to this stuff.
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  1. No, a P43 based motherboard will work just fine with an E8400.
  2. my girlfriend's setup is based on a p43+e8400 and there is no visual loss of capabilities (not that it is not oced)
  3. None at all. You should get some good clocks just by upping the FSB. I've got a P31 mobo with an E8400, it clocked to 3.7Ghz on air and was very stable for games etc.
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