Please help with choosing my type of water cooling I am a newbe at this.

Please help with choosing my type of water cooling I am a newbe at this.

My system specs are
CPU ( Q9550 )
I want water cooling for my CPU only
Typically I want 5.25 inch water reservoir in one drive bay a good water block for an LGA775 water hoses and a good PUMP.
The main problem that I have is that I am using 8gigs of hyperx ram with ram cooling part name (KHX-FAN) and most CPU heat sinks won’t fit on the motherboard because the ram is so close to the CPU and my KHX-FAN gives me even less space. I want to set the CPU BUS speed to 425MHz with adequate cooling and it seems that water cooling is the best option & I have never used or setup internal water cooling but want to try it so I am looking for good brands I also want to know the risk of water cooling failures IE a leakage or any other types of failures thanks.
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    You don't need water cooling for those clock speeds unless other components in your comp generate a lot of ambient heat. My Q9550 is currently clocked at 3.8 ghz (450 mhz FSB with 8.5x) and it can run fine with a Zalman CNPS9700.

    That said, this fan is huge, so if you have coolers on your ram you may need something smaller like liquid cooling. Just not for cooling purposes.
  2. tuniq tower 120 Extreme more cool than Zalman
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